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We invite you and your staff to sample the new Education Program menu at Healthy Food Expo Florida!

Educational sessions include topics on food safety; gluten-free menu creativity and safety; the plant-based movement and meals; vegan vs. vegetarian; food allergies; nutrition; sustainability and seafood; and healthy hot trends!

Our program content is designed to provide practical and relevant information for today's foodservice professional in the healthy circuit. Industry leaders and Chefs deliver real applicable business lessons, the latest information on trends and best practices in the market, and their own opinions of what creates success. 



The Education Program provides the gold-standard in industry-leading educational content that is practical and relevant for today's foodservice professional. Industry leaders provide effective business lessons, the latest information on trends, best practices in the current market, and their own perspective of what manifests success within this three-day seminar.


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Special Events

Our special events and featured areas have been extensively developed to help our attendees become better informed in this constantly changing industry. Center Stage will present top chefs and be the hub for many of our special events including Hip Sip, Rapid Fire, and so much more!


Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Check out all the additional resources we have. Stay on top of trends with our Business Builders. Industry Insights teach you more about the people behind the food you love. Watch our monthly Virtual Learning Seminars to stay up to date in an industry that is constantly shifting.



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